Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kesar Basoondi

One of the traditional Indian sweet is Basoondi-It comes in many flavor now days in West Bengal (Eastern ghats of india) .Basoondi is a rich Indian sweet. Basoondi is basically Rich milk Bangoli sweet ,flavored with saffron fruits or nuts. Normally served chilled and garnished with various nuts etc. Since basoondi is highly rich in calories, it is normally a festive treat. Basoondi has a thicker consistency than rabdi.
Serves: 4.


  • Full Cream Milk 2 ltr.
  • Pistachios Chopped Thinly1 TABLE SPOON
  • Almonds Chopped Thinly1 TABLE SPOON
  • Chirownji (Sunflower seeds) 1 T.Spoon full(optional)
  • Kishmish (green raisens) 1 Table spoon (washed just before adding )
  • Saffron few strands (dissolved in 2 tablespoon warm milk )
  • Sugar 1 cup (or more according to taste)

Method :
  1. Boil milk in a heavy bottomed pan and cook after 1 boil on medium - low flame until it reduces to half and comes to semi thick constancy .
  2. Keep stirring to avoid burning/browning/scorching.
  3. Stir in sugar, saffron milk and let the sugar melt completely.
  4. Remove from heat and chill the thickened milk.
  5. Garnish chilled basoondi with Kishmish ,Chirownji, sliced pistachios and almonds and serve.

Handy Hint:
Make sure to stir the milk frequently to not burn it.


If Basoondi is thin - leave on low flame for few more minutes till it becomes thick.


Basoondi can be flavored in various ways. Variations include Rose petals,pinapple,chocolate,Rosogulla (cottage cheese sweet) , orange - Just mix your favorate fruit with same essance (2-3 drops only). Sometimes almond paste is added to basoondi to give it a nice texture.



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