Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Julie & Julia

Bonjour ; Since I saw Julie & Julia I am all over lost again , as at some and yes more of ; at many points i relate my self to this movie and them ( Julie & Julia - Meryl Streep is Julia Child and Amy Adams is Julie Powell) ,

and now days my state is like - I am watching all cookery shows and my
passion does not stop here ,I am downloading all sort of funny recipes and even trying most of them too; the ratio is 10:15 yes I download ten and practice these in 15 ways (5 for my own variations )

last week I had a funny - interesting and yummy dream yes ..., It was for a Soup a soup no 1 ever taught me . But I saw my self as a head chef - and was trying my hand in this creamy -yummy -caramelized -onion- rich mushroom soup . Most of my readers may not believe this but yes I actually noted the exact recipe carefully in my recipe ladder and last night I actually tried not 1 but 3 different variations of that soup and all 3 were super fantastic .......Not to mention with loads of butter.

No matter how much difference in opinion I may have with many of my fellow chefs in their different recipes but yet I strongly believe and meet them at one point that... No amount of butter is too much butter u must use enough (no description for enough it should be dare dripping till licking yummy ).

But I am still in search of my self,

Yes!!!!! I wanna open my own restaurant ( any one who have first hand experience in this can call me for help or yes u can send me your help feedback too to help me to open up one...yes I am serious here)

Yes I am planning to open my own restaurant where I will present all my favorite dishes with best food presentation - taste and yes with the very first pick of the day

not to mention I finally saw
Ratatouille. yes anyone can cook but not everyone can passionately cook as I do ... I really truly loveeeeeee to cook .

do wait for my "utterly veg" - "veg" - and "non-veg" variation of that
Creamy yummy Caramelized Onion rich mushroom soup HERE!
Bon app├ętit!

As its Wisely said "One should dedicate their writing to some one who is close enough for the inspiration ... so mine goes to Both Julie And Julia for this.. Thanks for the inspiration.


Rohit Jain

Interesting. Will watch the movie if can get to.
Resturant...I'm your all time Companion!!!

Kitchen Adda

Thanks i am honored to have you as Companion.

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