Monday, April 26, 2010


The latest episode of the Hell’s Kitchen, actually made me realize what I have been sensing in past few months , Yes you bet , I‘ve been discussing this with a friend few weeks before that- “till I will not start tasting everything , how will I know what’s the ingredients that’s adding the flavor and how much , more of, how will I know what’s missing to make the dish complete?”, till now I am dependent on smell senses & on my Not so official tasters -  that is my family members, but their also every taste varies .

Most of you, my readers might remember the scene from the movie Chocolate, where
A girl discuss about the flavor of chocolate, and the guy in the shop replies “how can you define its bad until you actually taste it “and the girl replies … why don’t you eat worms? How do you know they don’t taste good?”  And the guy actually crunch one worm - nice tricks, but the way he explains the taste:-o … hummmm …. So the outcome???

Ladies and Gentlemen, the outcome is one actually need to taste everything to know its taste, imaging if the first fruit that appealed to a humankind was never tasted, the coffee, cocoa, or for instance mango was never once tasted, The called passion fruit “wild, and poisonous till 1900, and someone actually tasted, and here you are ending up with passion fruit dessert that is more then 500 in my known list. The best example is yet to come the cocoa bean that is so ugly looking, and when converted in chocolate its Bitter and dark and very guaee  , Yet In 2006 more than 6.5 million tons of chocolate was sold worldwide.

Till now I am totally dependent on my smell senses to add the ingredients, But the secrete to be a grate chef is to know your ingredient too well I was actually amazed to see ,How the lady actually describe “it’s a back stem of Bok Choy “ wow!!!! Thrilling,-but that turn even more beautiful when a male chef described “seared pear piece as “a piece of mango” , But the real Hell at the Hell’s Kitchen was when the defeated group of male chefs had few weird things to taste “that too – R A W “ e.g. Pig Liver , Chicken Brest , Beef etc. sounds yuckiest? But that is what actually matters, it’s like reality shows displays too much way too much from the reality? Uhhhh ?? I don’t think so, cos at the very end.

IT’S THE TASTE THAT ACTUALLY MATTERS – TO KILL THE SENSE TO ALIVE ONE’S SENSE OR TO KILL THE WHOLE ENVIRONMENT OF COSY DINING, the secrete of grate cooking is keep tasting what ever you are making , even during its process .


And as always this post is dedicated to Gordon Ramsay.


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