Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Need to quick fix "too much salt" dish

Need to quick fix "too much salt" dish??

1. If its a curry add a whole bread slice (preferably the thick outer slice), Remove after 2 mints

2. If Its a thick gravy dish like Paneer or Dum Aloo etc.add 1/2 cup of soaked soy granules(in unsalted water)

3. If its a meat or chicken dish add hard boiled potato / Eggs and bring to boil (u can remove potato later or leave in..it add taste like anything )

4. if its Rajma/choley or maa ki daal (urad daal/shahi daal/daal tadka etc. etc.) add a big ball of kneaded wheat ball (normal chapati wala aata goontha hua), Bring it to a boil and voila~ remove the ball after 5 mints of boiling..it soaks all excess salt .

(if any of the reader have their own suggestions linked to my this blog...you are free to post those suggestions here ..)


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